Why Can't I Transfer Photo from iPod to Computer?

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1.Why Can't I Transfer Photo from My iPod to computer?
Answer: Uninstall the program, download and reinstall the latest version from here. Follow the step by step guide How to Transfer Photo from iPod to Computer?.

2.The Program Reading the Photos about 30 Seconds Freezes and on "Windows Task Manager", "not responding " Displayed. Why?
Answer: Apple developed several versions of iPod, each of them had several resolutions for photo displaying: full screen, thumbs... So, the photos stored in iPod isn't the original images, they are rearranged, when you have large number of photos, Tansee iPod Transfer Photo need some time to read the photo data in your iPod. Please wait for some minutes let the program read your iPod.

3.Can Tansee iPod Transfer Photo Convert the .ithmb Files on My Hard Driver into JPEG or BMP?
Answer: Sure, Tansee iPod Transfer Photo can read .ithmb files:
Copy your .ithmb files and the associated "Photo Database" to a disk (for example D:\) in structure as below: D:\Photos\Photo Database (Driver D: can be other one)
D:\Photos\Thumbs\*.ithmb (All your ithmb files)
Just as they are organized in iPod, then run Tansee iPod Transfer Photo, you can read and transfer them now.

4.Why can't I get the original resolution image, but a low quality instead?
Answer: Apple stores several resolutions for each picture for different displaying purposes: full screen, thumbs, photo list... So, the photos stored in iPod isn't the original images, they are rearranged.
If you haven't choose "include full-resolution photos" in iTunes when sync photos to iPod, you can't get the full resolution. In other word, you can get full resolution if you choose "include full-resolution photos", Tansee ipod transfer Photo can get the full resolution in this condition.

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