Sync "All Contacts" or "My Contacts" on Andriod

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Sync "All Contacts" or "My Contacts" on Andriod

         Are you a HTC user,but don't want to sync all contacts with Gmail. For some contacts are just those you email once a year or several years ago. Or some contacts are not so important on your Andriod that you don't need them. Do't worry, with these steps you can sync contacts as you like on your Andriod, no matter it is "All Contacts" or "My Contacts" on Andriod.

Step 1: When you have opened "Contacts" on Andriod -> click "Menu".
Step 2: Choose "Settings" -> "Edit sync groups".
Step 3: There you can select "Sync all contacts", "My Contacts" or "Starred on Android".

You can choose to synchronize all contacts, but if in your contactlist you only want the ones with a phone number. You can also do these:

Easily set up by opening "Contacts", select "Menu" -> "View" -> and choose "Contacts with phone numbers".

So with the above steps, you can sync all contacts or my contacts on your Andriod, such as HTC hero as you like.

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