IPhone Photo/Picture Transfer Q&A

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1.How do I transfer pictures from old phone to my iPhone?

I just bought an iPhone 3G from a friend, I'm trying to figure out how to transfer photos and videos from my LG old Shine to my new iPhone.
First you have to copy the pictures to the computer somehow, email them or MMS, connect a cord, memory card, bluetooth, etc.Then you have to put them all together in a folder, and set iTunes to sync that picture folder to your iPhone's pictures.That's the fastest and easiest way to do it.If all else fails, you can always get two active SIM cards and send each picture as an MMS individually from one phone to the other.
If you are using memory card then you can easily use old card in the new mobile or you can transfer through Bluetooth or buy PC.

2.*How do I transfer photos from laptop to iPhone?

I can't seem to transfer picture taken on another camera and placed on my desktop to my iPhone. Who knows this very valuable information?

Once you connect your phone to your laptop and open up iTunes, you should see a, Photos, tab for the iPhone. Under the photos tab you select to sync photos to iPhone and you can choose which folders you want to sync and which ones you do not.
If you use pc that you may see the photo tab shows up when you connect the iPhone to the computer.Then to the left side bar, you see your iPhone connected, click and that brings up the summary panel of the phone, there you see the Tab for photos.You can put your photos in Document&settings/MyDocuments/MyPicturesthen make a folder and put your pictures in there.
When the iPhone is plugged in and recognized by iTunes and you then click on the iPhone in the left menu you should have the set of tabs and one of them is for Photo syncing.

I am trying to transfer photos from my pc to my iPhone, and whenever I try to do this using iTunes, it acts like it sent, but when I check my iPhone there is nothing in the directory images. Any ideas on what is wrong?
Put the pictures in a folder in the main sub-folder/album images. Then sync iTunes photos to this sub-folder.
If you will go to the camera, then go to the "camera roll", you do not see your photos which get form PC.You should click on the icon of Flowers (photos) on the springboard (desktop) and it should show all your photos and the camera roll in directories.

How can I create a subfolder. When I click on pictures from the home screen and I got a screen says That I Have No pictures and I can not Do Anything else in this screen.
You can go to My Documents, My Pictures, make a sub-folder by right clicking then go to New Folder, name something like iPhone photos, then cut or copy images to this folder. Plug in iPhone when the iPhone appears in iTunes go to the Images tab, then click sync and click the folder which named iPhone photos. Then click Apply to sync, and it shoulld be there. If you're are useing Mac, it should be similar, I think the path is / home instead of My Documents folder. If you are on a Mac, it should be similar, I believe the path is under /Home instead of My Documents.

3.How to transfer photos from my iPhone to my pc?

I want to restore my iPhone, but I want to keep my 400+ photos and don't fancy emailing them all!When I plug in my iPhone in to my pc, not mac ,nothing happens, only iTunes opens, but when I plug in my iTouch it opens saying digital camera etc.. so why doesn't my iPhone do this?
Additional Details:
I cannot see the iPhone on my computer screen so I can't open it from there

  • You can email them to yourself.
  • You can plug the USB cable in and upload them.
  • If you dont want to upload them through Itunes, still plug in the cable and close all the iTunes stuff that comes up. Go to "computer"-->select your iPhone-->select the drive listed (probably says internal storage) -->then select DCIM--> and select the iPhone and copy it you your hard drive.


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