How to convert Word to PDF

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How to convert or transfer from Word Document to PDF?

A friend asked me to make some fliers but they are in word & she needs them converted to PDF format. I finished some words on Microsoft word documents and I'd like to have a recommendation for Word to PDF converter that can convert from Word Document to PDF file?     --tourie(

MicroSoft Word is currently the worlds most popular word processor. Adobe's PDF file format is the worlds most popular document distribution format. Yet MS has not released a "save as" feature to allow direct authoring of PDF documents. And Word to PDF Converter will work practically from Word and make them work in PDF's. By the end of this article you will be able to resolve both of these problems with minimal effort.

Word to PDF Converter can convert Word document to PDF format (Microsoft Word 2003/2007/2010). And there are more created formats under "Options" button like JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PS, EPS, etc.

Easy guide: How to convert Word to PDF, doc to pdf with Word to PDF Converter?

  • Step 1. Free download the DOC to PDF Converter to experience more.

Load files, after you have installed the Docx to PDF Converter, you can use the following ways to add files to this converter. Various ways for you to choose.
File:OX Word to PDF Converter01.jpg

  • Step 2. Edit file effects, click button options to define your converting document, with it , you can encrypt your pdf file and so on.

  • Step 3. Set output setting, before converting doc/docx to pdf, you can define the destination of the converted pdf document. Just click the button “browse” to select the output destination you desire or just use the default folder.

  • Step 4. File:OX Word to PDF Converter02.jpg , after all have been ready, click the button to realize the process-how to convert doc, convert word doc to pdf. This only takes just a few seconds.

Note: If you want to combine words into one pdf, just click "Ctrl" to select what you want to combine, right click to combine. Top, bottom buttons will help you to get your wanted conversion order.
File:OX Word to PDF Converter03.jpg

  • How to convert DOC/DOCX to PDF with DOC/DOCX to PDF Converter? Following these steps, users could successfully convert DOC to PDF and convert DOCX to PDF. The Word to PDF Converter is really a good assistant to convert doc to pdf, docx to pdf.

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