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Aniosoft iBackup box

  • Aniosoft iBackup is an easy to use iPod/iPhone utility designed to help you backup all your files from your iPod/iPhone/iTouch.
  • Aniosoft iBackup helps you recover lost or missing music or backup and restore all of your iPod/iPhone/iTouch content, including your favorite songs, videos, photos, Play Lists and more.
  • If you have any iPod/iPhone device, this software is a 'must have' utility to keep your iPod/iPhone safe.
  • Free download the trial version under conditions of limited in functionality and its size is 1.42 MB.
  • To get the full version, click "BuyNow" to make a secured online purchase! It costs $23.99.




Key Functions

  • Top-rated iPod transfer software---simple, easy, powerful
  • Supports all iPod/iPhone/iTouch models
  • Auto-scans your iPod/iPhone devices
  • Auto-searches by Album/Artist/Genre/Type
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Advanced settings support Backup Folder Rule
  • Index by Album/Artist/Genre/Type
  • Easily and quickly backup your songs, videos, photos, playlists, podcasts and more from your iTouch/iPhone/iPod to any folder on your PC
  • Supports manage iPhone/iTouch/iPod content, import and export files between devices and computer
  • Supports not only iPod/iPod Nano/iPod shuffle, also iPhone and iTouch
  • Supports manage your iPod device on any computer
  • Supports locate music or video by ablum/artist/genre easily
  • Supports multiple languages. (English,Chinese...)
  • Good value for money

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS : Microsoft Windows XP
  • RAM : 128M
  • CPU : Intel/AMD compatible at 750 MHz or above

Recommended System Requirements

  • OS : Microsoft Windows XP/2000/Vista with all latest updates installed
  • RAM : 512M or higher
  • CPU : Intel/AMD compatible at 750 MHz or above

More information

  • Online help or tutorials

iPod iPhone to computer transfer user manual
As you might already know, iTunes doesn't let you transfer your iPod songs back to your computer, so whenever your computer crashes down, or when you buy a new iPod or PC, there is no way of adding your iPod data back to iTunes! In fact you need to use a third party application like Aniosoft iBackup to import all your songs, playlists, ratings, artworks and podcasts to iTunes!

Step 1: download, or buy its registered version and then install it to your computer or laptop.

Step 2: Connect your iPod iPhone or iTouch.

Step 3: select the songs or playlists you want to backup to iTunes and any disk.remember you can also
backup videos, podcast, photos) and click the button “export to disk only ”or “export to iTunes”. (“export to disk only” ,say, you simply make a iPod backup in any storage device;
and “export to iTunes” , however, means that you will transfer iPod’s content to both iTunes and any storage device ).

Then you have transferred all your content from iPod iPhone or iTouch to your iTunes and also make a backup in
your storage device for safety.

how to transfer music or other data from iPod/iPhone to a new computer or laptop?

Transferring iPod's content to a new PC is sort of same as iPod to iTunes transfer. As a matter of fact,you can achieve this -moving iPod's conent to a new PC by transferring iPod's content to the newly installed iTunes on a new PC. Therefore Aniosoft iBackup is still the perfect choice for it. With Aniosoft iBackup,move iPod's content out to iTunes on a new computer/laptop and at the same time save an additional files somewhere in your computer or any storage device as a backup in case of a hard drive crash or accidentaly data loss.

How to transfer music and other content between two or more iPods/iPhones?

Transferring content between two or more iPods/iPhones might apply in many cases when you probably want to share your friend's
music on her iPod,or you might just bought a new iPod and you want to move your old iPod's content to your new one and etc.
Back to our business,how to make transfer between several iPods/iPhones? Well here we'll show how to make transfer
from one iPod to another iPod without erasing its original content. Here we use the program Aniosoft iBackup.

Assume that you have an iPod(we name it as iPod 1 )and your friend also has an iPod (we name it as iPod 2)full of music.
You love a couple of songs on your friend's iPod 2 and so you want to copy them to your iPod 1 but iTunes do not allow this copy.
So such a smart iPod third-party application can be employed to make music transfer from iPod 1 to iPod 2 without erasing its
original music on iPod 2.

step 1:Plug iPod 1 from which you want to transfer music and then the iTunes will be running automatically
step 2 :Select and export the content in iPod which you prefer to transfer to iTunes on the PC ,and also make a backup file somewhere in your computer for safety.
step 3:Unplug iPod 1 and plug iPod 2 and transfer all the iPod 2's content out to the iTunes on your PC . Now we've gotten iTunes full of both iPod 1's music you selected and your original music on your own iPod(iPod 2)
step 4:Sync your iPod 2 to the iTunes and finally you got the music which you love on iPod 1 without losing your own music in iPod 1

Purchase Aniosoft iBackup

  • Credit Cards via Secure Online Ordering - Instant Delivery!
  • With Secure Online Ordering you can receive registration code via the e-mail in a few minutes using your credit card!
  • We strongly recommend you to use the Secure Online Ordering.
  • This is fast and secure.
  • For the full version of Aniosoft iBackup , click BuyNow link to make a secured online purchase!
  • It may need up to 24 hours to process the registration.
  • After registration, you will receive the registration code via email to unlock the program and get lifetime free upgrade with free email support.


Get Registration Code Immediately.

Remove time limitations of trial version.

Lifetime free upgrade with free email support

We accept types of payment

Purchase by Paypal, Credit Card, Bank/Wire Transfer, Check/Money Order, Fax, Invoice


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