Z2 PocketLAN v4.0

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z2 PocketLAN v4.0

     Scan more and scan faster! The all-in-one network Swiss knife for Windows Mobile!

    Price: $14.99 USD    Size: 1 MB


  • Z2 PocketLAN v4.0 is a popular network utility for Windows Mobile. Browse, map multiple network share folders, printers, open mp3, movie files with network connection with WiFi or Bluetooth. Other features includes: IP Config, Ping, IP Renew, Port Scan, Trace Route, Route Edit Wake on LAN and more...


Key functions

  • Enable "NETWORK" folder in Pocket File Explorer
  • Easy to add, remove and change the maps of network folder and printer.
  • Auto scan remote computer names, browse, open remote computer files in Pocket File Explorer
  • Play MP3 and movie on your local network in Windows Media Player
  • Print plain text on network printer
  • IP Config, IP Renew and Release. Enhanced ping can resolve local network computer name plus MAC address
  • Print function depends on application and printers. You can print plain text on most printers.

  • Key Features
  • Manage network share
  • Create local map for network share resource like share folder and printer.
  • Manage the mapped share in centralized UI. Ease your effort for playing mp3 or movie on the network.
  • Automatic connect/disconnect the network share resource when it is online/offline.
  • Pocket File Explorer plug-in.
  • Plain text print on supported network printer.
  • Comprehensive network utility
  • Includes IP Config, Ping, Trace Route, Route Table Edit, Port Monitor, Wake on LAN, Whois and more...
  • Integrated IP Scan including NetBIOS Scan, ARP Scan, DNS Scan and TCP Port Scan.
  • Convenient Report feature generate the report in HTML format.
  • Redesigned UI to easy access all the features.
  • Quick button to copy & paste the info to clipboard .
  • MISC
  • Support multiple network interface
  • Auto refresh network status change
  • Greatly improved scan performance and accuracy
  • One year free upgrade

System Requirements

  • Support Pocket PC 2002/2003/2003 SE; Windows Mobile 2005; Windows CE.NET 4.2; Windows CE.NET 5.0;

z2 PocketLAN v4.0 User Guide

Step1: After install, click Start->Programs->PocketLAN and run PocketLAN, click "Yes" when asking for reset to enable "Network Folder". After reset, please plug in your network card and run PocketLAN again.
Step2: In PocketLAN, Click "New" button. You will see a new "Share" folder" is added to PocketLAN share folder list window.
Step3: Input local folder name in "Local" edit box, this name will show under File Explorer "NETWORK" folder after connect. For example, to browse my laptop temp folder, my input is "my laptop temp".
Step4: Input remote computer share folder name in "Remote" edit box. To get the share folder name on your local network,click the network browse button "..." to open network browse dialog. If the dialog is empty, click "Refresh" button to scan your local network and get the remote computer names. To scan different subnet, please change "Subnet IP" in Scan Network Dialog.
Step5: Click "Connect" button or double click the folder "my laptop temp" in PocketLAN share folder list window to add "my laptop temp" into File Explorer "NETWORK" folder.
Step6: Double click or click and hold the folder "my laptop temp" in PocketLAN share folder list window to browse it in File Explorer.

More information

What's new in version 4.0?

  • Trace Route.
  • TCP Port Scan.
  • Route Table Edit.
  • Redesiged UI.
  • Report network scan result in HTML.
  • Scan network with IP Range.
  • Wake on LAN: Wake up your stand by computer through LAN or Internet. Yes, it is easy, with Auto Scan, you don't even need to type in MAC address.
  • Free upgrade in one year! If you bought older version of PocketLAN, please forward your order confirmation email to support@z2software.com for free upgrade or discount.
  • z2 PocketLAN is dedicated network software for Windows Mobile 2002/2003SE, Windows Mobile 5.0.
  • Sreen Shot:
  • Share Folder:
  • IP Config:
  • Scan IP:
  • Trace Route:

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