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  • Today, lots of iPod users have a huge music library which is kept on their computers. But what if your computer’s hard drive crashes and your music library can be found nowhere? Have anyone ever imagine that?
  • Fortunately, you will be relieved by the thought that all the songs are still on your iPod, safe and intact. You plug it in, and then you realize that iTunes only allows the downloading of music from iTunes to iPod, not iPod to iTunes. So can you do something expect spending hours re-downloading all your music? Yes, there is always a way out.
  • And transferring music from iPod to PC is one of the initial things iPod users would like to do. However Apple has make it difficult to copy or transfer the songs, music, audio, videos and files that stored on iPod to personal computer (PC) or laptop notebook computer for protection of the copyrights. According to my experience you can do the following steps:

  • 1.Insert your iPod to the computer USB or FireWire port and wait for the computer to recognize it (PC should be Windows based).
  • 2.Make sure "disk use" has been enabled.
  • 3.Open up 'My Computer' and under 'Devices With Removable Storage', double click and open your iPod.
  • 4.If you can not see the ‘iPod Control’ folder, it’s hidden and invisible. To unveil it so that it’s visible, find Tools -> Folder Options -> View, and then check (enable) the option “Show hidden files and folders”.
  • 5.Double click on the newly shown 'iPod Control' folder and open up the folder called 'Music'.
  • 6.Select all the folders and copy them to a new folder on your computer’s hard drive. Now you can eject your iPod.
  • 7.To reveal the names of the songs and other data tags on the copied files, you should drag the files to the Windows Media Player or iTunes libraries or switch to “Tiles” view in Windows Explorer.
  • 8.Rename the file if necessary. (iTunes will already have the tags stored for these songs so renaming them should not be an issue).


  • Apart from manual theods metioned above to transfer or copy music library from iPod to PC, or import into iTunes, there are several third party program that helps transfer or copy such as Tansee iPod Transfer. It is a good solution make iPod users can transfer iPod music files to PC professionally and practically.
  • To drag a whole folder into iTunes is impracticable. Since it will not recognize the files tags and you can not find out the exact song.
  • The detailed folder that in Windows XP will recognize the tags of the mp3s and display the Artist, Title, and Album information properly. You can add the columns if they do not show up by default. This may also applicable to other Windows versions.
  • For your reference only: Please keep in mind that if you have already purchased songs from iTunes and the PC you are going to place the music on is not the original PC which you have purchased the songs from, then for the AAC format the music may not be playable. Because ACC format is protected, only if you purchase a licenses then these music can be play.

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