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Tansee iPad Transfer Photo

    iPad Transfer Photo is an easy to use backup software that lets you copy photos from your iPad to a Windows based PC with the least effort. Apple had integrated all your photos into an ithmb file which user can not access the content directly,iPad Transfer Photo utilizes iPad's internal database to display and transfer your iPad's photos instantly.

  Price:$19.95    Size: 2.47 MB


  • With Tansee iPad Transfer Photo, iPad users can transfer iPad photos and saved photos to PC easily. Tansee iPad Transfer Photo had many special settings for your personal iPad photo backup, you can customize browser style, backup file format (.BMP or .JPEG) and photo resolution... . We had also realized iPad auto detection feature, whenever you plug your iPad to the computer, Tansee iPad Transfer Photo could display all the iPad photos instantly. From now on, you can backup all your iPad photos to any computer. Try it, you will find more!



Key Functions

  • Easy to use: Tansee iPad transfer Photo is simple to install and easy to operate.
  • Multiple device compatibility: support all iPad Firmware versions.
  • Auto-scanning: Auto-scans your iPad device, and display all your photos on tansee software screen.
  • View photos: You can view and save photos on your computer.
  • Backup photos with different resolution: Backup photos from iPad to computer to full resolution, 120*160, 76*76, 55*55.
  • Backup to any folder: You can easily and quickly back up your photos from your iPad to any folder on your PC.

System Requirements

  • Operating systems: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003,Windows Vista, Windows 7.

Tansee iPad Transfer Photo User Guide

How to Transfer Photos & Saved Photo from iPad to Computer?

  • Step 1: Free Download Tansee iPad Transfer Photo free trial version here, and then install it. You also need iTunes above 7.3 installed.
  • Step 2: Connect iPad to your computer.
  • Step 3: Launch Tansee iPad Transfer Photo and all the photos in your iPad will display automatically, screenshot as follows:

File:Tansee iPad Transfer Photo01.jpg

  • Step 4: Select the photos to be transferred to your computer, the selected file will marked with red border. You can select photos by click on each one, or just drag a rectangle to select a bundle of photos. You can also select all photos by click right button of your mouse or click "File" to choose.

Note: you can only select first 6 photos if you haven't purchase.

  • Step 5: Click "Copy" button to select output path and start to transfer photos to your computer:

File:Tansee iPad Transfer Photo02.jpg

iPad Saved Photo: Click "Saved Photos", do as steps above can copy your iPad Saved Photos to PC.

Options Setting

  • 1.Backup File Format: To select backup photo file format, Tansee iPad Transfer Photo support BMP and JPG file now.
  • 2.Backup Path: To select directory for storing the backup photos. You can select backup directory for each photo during backup by check "Ask Every Time" or store all files in a specified directory by checking "Save Here" and select the directory in the edit box.
  • 3.Backup Resolution: To select the photo size to be backup.

More Information

iPad Transfer Photo supports:

  • 1: Copy iPad Library Photo - the photos sync with iTunes
  • 2: Copy iPad Saved Photo - the photo saved when press Home + Power button.
  • Homepage:www.tansee.com

When use Tansee iPad Transfer Photo copy iPad photos out?

  • Backup or copy photos from iPad to PC.
  • Copy iPad photos to new computer or notebook.
  • Computer crashed.
  • Share your iPad photos with friends.
  • Copy all photos to a new iPad.
  • iPad Saved Photos to PC.

Purchase Tansee iPad Transfer Photo

  • Credit Cards via Secure Online Ordering - Instant Delivery!
  • With Secure Online Ordering you can receive registration code via the e-mail in a few minutes using your credit card!
  • We strongly recommend you to use the Secure Online Ordering.
  • This is fast and secure.
  • For the full version of Tansee iPad Transfer Photo, click BuyNow link to make a secured online purchase!
  • It may need up to 24 hours to process the registration.
  • After registration, you will receive the registration code via email to unlock the program and get lifetime free upgrade with free email support.


Get Registration Code Immediately.

Remove time limitations of trial version.

Lifetime free upgrade with free email support

We accept types of payment

Purchase by Paypal, Credit Card, Bank/Wire Transfer, Check/Money Order, Fax, Invoice


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