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What We Are is a large consumer-focused Internet portal of software and related services. It provides free software reviews and software feature reports, and conducts product testing of new and popular software, aiming at guiding online users in choosing the right products to purchase.
The categories of software covered on include the followings:

  • Windows Software
  • Mac Software
  • iPad Software
  • iPhone Software
  • Windows Mobile Software
  • iPod Software

What We Can Offer You has channels offering both comprehensive and the latest product information on various software. Since we are affiliate of RegNow, which is a software industry’s premier registration commerce provider, we can get those loyal copies of software directly from the software authors, clean, virus-free, and effective. The buyer can enjoy a life-time upgrade of items bought in too.Besides, consumers are also able to obtain the most recently available pricing information for software, which may more suites their budgets.

How It Goes
As to the purchase transaction on , it is directly carried out on the platform provided by RegNow . If you choose to make a purchase for a paid subscription service, RegNow will ask for additional information, such as your email address, real name, phone number, street address, city, zip code, country, as well as your name on credit card and credit card number, etc. and its communities have NO authority to collect consumers’ private information listed above. All order forms are secured with powerful SSL(Security Socket Layer) encryption technology by RegNow. And all information collected through RegNow system is treated with its utmost care. As to detailed information of privacy policy of your personal information, you can see the Privacy Policy of Digital River.

If you have any suggestions to , please feel free to contact

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