How to transfer videos/movie from iPod to Mac

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File:WindowsLogo.jpg Tutorial: Get iPod Video to PC

How do i transfer video from my iPod touch to new Mac?

I just got a new Macbook and I want to transfer video from iPod to Mac. I got these videos from YouTube so it won’t automatically transfer. I surfed on the net and attempted to find a program that can help me transfer HD video from iPod to Mac. But all of the programs I’ve looked for seem to have some kind of video limit    --Redick(

In my opinion, iPod Video to Mac Transfer is your ideal choice to transfer iPod video to Mac. It is an excellent third party program in the Internet software market.

It is an outstanding tool to do that, I believe it is your first choice to transfer photo from iPod to Mac.

In the following text, I explain the detailed tutorials of how to move your videos from your iPod to your Mac.

Step-by-step guide: How to transfer video files from iPod touch to Mac?

all information about your iPod, such as type, capacity, version, serial number, and format, will be shown on the main interface.
Tip: All functions for iPod are applicable to iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS as well except for the photo management.
image:IMacsoft iPod to Mac Transfer01.jpg

  • Step 2. Export checked files to local

a) Open the library/playlist that you want to export.
b) Check the file(s) you want to export in the file list.
c) Click the "Export checked files to local" button to start exporting files, or choose the "Export to local" option from the "Action" menu.
image:IMacsoft iPod to Mac Transfer02.jpg

  • Step 3. Select a local folder to store your music on the left panel and click the "Save" button to export the files from your iPod to local folder.

image:IMacsoft iPod to Mac Transfer03.jpg

  • Step 4. When finished, the following information dialogbox will be poped-up as belows:

image:IMacsoft iPod to Mac Transfer04.jpg

OK, that’s all! To sum up, this iPod video to Mac Transfer is easy-to-use but powerful program for you to transfer videos from iPod to Mac. Its powerful feature is shown in transferring all files on iPod to Mac with a fast and stable process in a short time.

  • Hope these could help you manage your iPod videos well.

More info about iPod Video to Mac Transfer

(a) It is easy for you to transfer videos from iPod to Mac with iPod to Mac Transfer. Few clicks will help you out of your task.
(b) It is powerful for you to transfer all your files on your iPod to your Mac. The files include songs, movies, photos, movies, playlist, podcasts, etc.
(c) Support all types of iPods, including iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch and the new iPod Nano 6 and iPod Touch 4.
(d) Apart from transferring files from iPod to Mac, it also supports transferring files from iPhone to Mac.
(e) It also has the iTunes function, which can do you a favor to transfer and backup files from your Mac to iPod without complicated process.

  • Reviews: File:4star.jpg ( Great )
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  • Last week downloads: 37

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