How to remove PDF password and restriction

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How to remove passwordprotect from pdf

The problem is that I want to move them to my kindle dx which does not support the password part of the pdf file. How can I remove the password protect from this file. Each page is password protected, but I only have to put in my password one time and it opens the whole ebook. However, on the kindle dx, the cursor does not go to the username or password box, so i can't open it on my kindle. I tried buying and using a PDF restrictions remover but all it does is say "Restrictions Removed" but the password protect is still on when I transfer it to the kindle.

Any suggestions of what product to use or what to do?    --Seoighe65(

Did you encounter a same problem about removing PDF password as XL Seoighe65? And How to remove password from PDF?
By using PDF Password Security, which is a desktop utility program that lets you change password security of existing Acrobat PDF files. That means you can protect PDF files with 128 bit encryption, or remove existing password protection. It can handle either single or batch documents. Another convenient features include password pool and hot directory; it can set password security to files automatically when the files are written to a specified monitored directory.

Step-by-step Guide: How to remove PDF password and restriction

  • Step 1:

Download PDF Password Security and install it.

  • Step 2:

Run PDF Password Security, choose Batch PDF Documents Security, then click "next" to start the next step.

  • Step 3:

Step two to crack PDF password is to add PDF files by clicking "add" button. Multiple files are allowed to be added to the software.
File: A-PDF Password Security01.jpg

  • Step 4:

The next step you have to select files whose passwords want to be removed and click "input password" to fill in the password, then the password of files can be removed.
Note: If you have forgotten the password of files, the password tool can help you. Click "try password" button, PDF Password Security will try the password in the password pool automatically.

  • Step 5:

Click "next" button, set "none" in the security level. Then you have finished crack PDF password . In this step, you are also allowed to add properities, as well as expiry date.

  • Step 6:

After all the steps have been setted, click "save as" button, you are allowed to choose a folder to save the output PDF files. Except this way, you can also click "save" directly, the PDF files which you have found PDF password will replace the old files automatically.
Note: you may get a password prompt to open the file. But if you don't know the password, it is unavailible for PDF Password Security to find password for you.
File: A-PDF Password Security02.jpg


  • PDF Password Security is a handy tool to encrypt or decrypt PDF files. Supports password pool and monitored directory. You might need it when you want to encrypt/decrypt your PDF files. You can get its full version now HERE at a very competitive price, or see more details HERE.
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Hope this can help you encrypt/decrypt your PDF files.

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