How to create PDF from Word/Excel/PowerPoint/image/Text files

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How to Create PDF documents from Text/image/Word formats?

PDF (Portable Document Format) is Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) format. There are many ways you can create PDF documents without purchasing Adobe Acrobat Pro. This article will show you various ways you can save your documents as PDF.
It's easy to create PDF! Just open the file you wish to change into PDF file. This could be a Word document, a Web page, an e-mail, an Excel spreadsheet - literally ANYTHING. Then simply click File > Print and select special "PDF Creator" printer. This special "virtual printer" takes your document and creates a professional, small-size PDF file, ready for you to distribute just as you want! Do you want to create your own PDF files? Just get a PDF Creator!
PDF Creator, set as virtual printer, creates PDF document file from any document, JPEG, PNG, PCX, BMP, TIFF, PS, EPS format from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image and text files, and those PDF files can be read on any computer.
Working as virtual printer, PDF Creator program can realize PDF creating with simple "Print" button clicking.

Easy guide: How to create PDF from Word/Excel/PowerPoint/image/Text easily?

File:OX PDF Creator01.jpg

  • Step 2. "Add files", after you have installed PDF Creator, you can use the following ways to add files to this creator. Various ways for you to choose.

File:OX PDF Creator02.jpg

  • Step 3. "Options",you can choose PDF,PNG,JPEG,BMP,PCX,TIFF,PS and EPS formats.

File:OX PDF Creator03.jpg

File:OX PDF Creator04.jpg

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