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How do i convert a PDF document to Html that i can email?

I need to convert a PDF file that includes images into html that I can email and it shows up the way the pdf does...I am having alot of trouble trying to figure this out and really need help with it.What is the effective and perhaps quickest way to convert a PDF to HTML?     --andierue(

As we all know, the Portable Document Format (PDF) is the business world's choice for digital documents. It's easy to post PDFs online for users to download. Unfortunately, using PDFs is not as easy as browsing a Web page.
So did you need help for Convert PDF to HTML as andierue? The following is step by step tutorial on how to convert pdf to html.
PDF To HTML Converter is one powerful solution which converts PDF files to HTML web pages with fast conversion speed, for it supports batch conversion while keeping original quality, you can also choose partial conversion to customize the page ranges of each PDF eBooks in the panel for conversion, or split a large PDF eBook to small HTML web pages for easier reading, this useful conversion solution can convert pdf to one continuous HTML web pages with its user-friendly interface, The programme has the ability of parseing PDF file (include all text, image) and rebuilding it, finally outputting a continuous HTML web pages as well as automatically links page numbers to all generated pages after conversion.

Easy guide: How to convert PDF to HTML webpages for Windows?

  • Step 1: Download and install PDF to HTML Converter

Free download PDF to HTML Converter by double click the program icon on your desktop.

  • Step 2: Import PDF files

Click 'Add Files' to load PDF files you wish to convert, you can find some general information of your PDF files after adding them in the conversion list.

  • Step 3: Customize (optional)

Click 'Options' button, you can choose whether to ignore images in the output HTML Web pages. Default option is retain value without formatting. Click on the 'Selected Pages' column beside the 'Total Pages' column, you are able to customize pages and page ranges to convert. Also you can customize the output folder for your converted HTML Web Pages.

  • Step 4: Convert PDF to HTML webpages

Just click 'Convert' button to convert PDF for a while. you will get the contionous HTML Websites as you want.
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  • PDF To HTML Converter for Windows is one excellent PDF programme that helps to convert PDF files to HTML webpages for Windows xp/vista/7, fast convert PDF into one continuous HTML page.
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Hope this can help you convert PDF to HTML now.

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