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Godsw mobile contacts transfer
  • GodswMobile Contacts Transfer is a mobile application designed for cell phones running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0/6.1/6.5.
  • GodswMobile Contacts Transfer operates in the cell phone and helps transfer contacts from cell phone to computer, including SIM card contacts Outlook contacts,and mobile contacts; transfer contacts to another Windows Mobile.
  • Besides, it can help transfer contacts along with their customized photos and ringtones.
  • With GodswMobile Contacts Transfer, backup and manage mobile contacts will be very easy.
  • Free download the trial version under conditions of limited in functionality and its size is 924K.
  • To get the full version, click "BuyNow" to make a secured online purchase!
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Key Functions

  • Transfer contacts from Windows Mobile to computer;
  • Transfer both SIM card contacts, Outlook contacts and mobile contacts;
  • Restore contacts to another Windows Mobile phones;
  • An application enclosed for view, add, delete, modify and print contacts on computer;
  • Save and restore contacts in case of cell phone crash or lose;
  • Backup contacts along with contact photos and ringtones;
  • Backup contacts as TXT file and CTS file;
  • Support unlimited contacts backup/restore;
  • Fast backup and restore speed;
  • Fully support Windows Mobile 5 and 6;
  • Fully VGA and WVGA Screen.

GodswMobile Contacts Transfer User Guide

How to transfer contacts from windows mobile to Gmail?
Want to sync contacts from windows mobile phone to gmail account? Here is the step-by-step guide for you to transfer contacts from windows mobile phone to Gmail.

  • Step 1: Backup windows mobile contact to CTS file and transfer to computer

Below is the detail guide for the step 1.

  • Step 2: Import the CTS file to GodswMobile Contacts Transfer Manager.

Below is the detail guide for step 2.
How to import mobile contacts to computer

  • Step 3: Export contact as csv file on the GodswMobile Contacts Transfer Manager.

  • Step4: Select a file location, and choose the config file name as “Google”, then click “Export” to export contact as outlook csv file.

  • Step 5:Login your Gmail account, click “contacts”-> “import”-> “browser” to select the csv file you just export by GodswMobile

Click “Import” button to import contacts to Gmail. Once you've successfully uploaded the document, Gmail will display the number of contacts imported.

Done!Your windows mobile phone contacts have been transferred to your Gmail account now

More Information

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