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Global Mapper 11

     Experience the power of professional mapping

    Price: $349 USD    Size: 38.67 MB


  • Global Mapper also includes the ability to directly access multiple online sources of imagery, topographic maps, and gridded terrain data. This includes access to worldwide high resolution color imagery from DigitalGlobe (watermarked access for free), detailed street maps from, and access to the entire TerraServer-USA database of USGS satellite imagery and topographic maps free-of-charge.
  • Global Mapper also has the ability to easily access WMS data sources, including built-in access to elevation data and color imagery for the entire world, and to view elevation and vector data in true 3D with any loaded data draped on top of it!



Key functions

  • easy to use viewer/editor capable of displaying the most popular raster, elevation and vector datasets (now including GeoPDF?!)
  • convert, edit, mosaic, reproject, print, track GPS
  • utilize GIS functionality on your datasets
  • unsurpassed technical support with no extra support fees!

System Requirements

Global Mapper 11 User Guide

1.Global Mapper's 3D View window displaying a terrain surface with 3D building vectors for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
File:Global Mapper 11 01.jpg
2.Global Mapper's 3D View window displaying several USGS 24K DLG files draped over a USGS 24K USGS DEM for Blue Springs, MO.
File:Global Mapper 11 02.jpg
3.Global Mapper displaying some very high-resolution (1m per pixel) LiDAR-derived grid data with high resolution (1ft per pixel) DigitalGlobe displayed over a portion of the grid for reference.
File:Global Mapper 11 03.jpg
4.Global Mapper displaying some TerraServer-USA urban imagery for Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, TX. The dialog used to import TerraServer-USA data is displayed over the extremely detailed color imagery.
File:Global Mapper 11 04.jpg
5.This screen shot displays an image rectification/registration process whereby control points are used to place an image at the correct location on the earth. You can see that you can easily select control points based on other loaded data (the right-most map display) and associate them with the same location on the map being rectified.
File:Global Mapper 11 05.jpg
6.Global Mapper feather blending a very high resolution (0.15 meters per pixel) color image with a lower resolution (3.5 meters per pixel) color image for the same area. The high resolution image has been purposely tinted purple to make the feathering effect more visible.
File:Global Mapper 11 06.jpg
7.Two instances of Global Mapper with the same satellite image loaded. In the left instance, no modification to the color values in the image have been done. In the right instance, the auto contrast adjust option found in the Options menu in the Overlay Control Center has been enabled. The drastic improvement in the image appearance is obvious.
File:Global Mapper 11 07.jpg
8.Global Mapper display when tracking a GPS device over loaded data. In the sample, 30-m SDTS DEM data is loaded as a backdrop with Tiger 2002 data loaded on top. You can see the GPS vessel location and the tracklog of where the vessel has been. The GPS Information dialog displays current GPS status information.
File:Global Mapper 11 08.jpg
9.Global Mapper loaded with a 24K DEM and Tiger/Line data for an area. Notice the rich vector display and the status bar display of the street address currently under the cursor.
File:Global Mapper 11 09.jpg
10.Global Mapper loaded with four adjacent 24K DRG's (Oak Grove, MO, Blue Springs, MO, Buckner, MO, and Missouri City, MO). All DRGs have the auto-clip collar option selected. Note how the DRGs display seamlessly. Without the auto-clip collar feature, there would be a large collar that would block out a large portion of the adjcacent data.
File:Global Mapper 11 10.jpg

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