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Are you concerned about your children's online activities? Do you feel you should keep a closer eye on what they are doing in cyberspace?

  • Family Cyber Alert is an all-in-one PC/Internet activity monitor.
  • Family Cyber Alert helps you keep a watchful eye on your family and monitor your children's PC/Internet activities.
  • It records everything your family members do online and offline, including e-mail, chat/instant messaging, Web sites, applications, file access, keystroke (keylogger), screen snapshots, and time and sequence.
  • It provides automatic e-mail forwarding, e-mail/Chat/IM blocking, Web site blocking, games/applications blocking, automatic keyword detection and danger alert, and intelligent reporting.
  • All the functions work simultaneously, saving the data to a hidden location.
  • It is extremely easy to use and will help you stop online predators and protect your family from harm.
  • Free download the trial version under conditions of limited in functionality and its size is 2.48 MB.
  • To get the full version, click "BuyNow" to make a secured online purchase! It costs $39.95.



Key Functions

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS : Microsoft Windows XP
  • RAM : 128M
  • CPU : Intel/AMD compatible at 750 MHz or above

Recommended System Requirements

  • OS : Microsoft Windows XP/2000/Vista with all latest updates installed
  • RAM : 512M or higher
  • CPU : Intel/AMD compatible at 750 MHz or above

Family Cyber Alert User Guide

Start Family Cyber Alert :

  • Since Family Cyber Alert is a monitor running in the background, there is no visible entry created in the program list or control panel.

After installing Family Cyber Alert, it will start automatically.

  • If you need to start it manually, do the followings:

Start->Run-> type “c:\windows\system32\FCA\syslogin.exe” and click on OK.

Open Family Cyber Alert:

  • Family Cyber Alert runs in the background. To bring it up and open it, use CTRL+Shift+S keys. Press the three keys at the same time. The password window will appear. Enter your password (default password is 123456).
  • To hide Family Cyber Alert, press CTRL+Shift+H keys at the same time. Or choose Hide from the File menu.

Activity Report:

  • After bringing up the main window of Family Cyber Alert, the detailed report is presented in 7 sections: Web site visited, application used, keystrokes, screen shots, file accessed, instant messenger, and real-time watch.
  • You can navigate the reports by clicking on the tabs. You can right-click on each record in the sections to add the web site or application to the blocking list, or jump to the related screen shots.
  • You can choose the date or days and get specific reports. You can also email or print the report.
  • To view screen shots, you can click on each screen shot. You can also use slide show to view the captured screens: click on Screen Shots tab; click on SlideShow button.

Real-time Watch:

To receive real-time alert, you need to enter your email address (Tools->Options->Email).

To set up Real-time watch, go to Tools->Real-time watch.

  • Keystroke watch and instant email alert

You can add word(s) or a phrase to the list. If the words in the list are typed, Family Cyber Alert will automatically send you an alert email. To enter your email address, click on Auto-Email Setting.

  • Application watch

If you want to block some applications, including games, chatting programs, et al, you can add the partial or whole titles to the list. For example, Solitaire; MSN Messenger. These applications will be blocked.

If you want to receive email alerts when the user tries to run a specific application, have Alert checked in adding this application to the watch list.

  • Website blocker

If you want to block some websites, you can add the URLs in here. For example, You can also add the URLs directly from the Web Site Visited report by right clicking on the URL item.

If you want to receive email alerts when the user tries to visit a specific website, have Alert checked in adding the site to the watch list.

  • User filter

If you want to exclude some users, including yourself, from being monitored, you can add the account names to the list

Change Settings:

To change settings for keylogging, website monitor, screen shots, password, slideshow, and email, choose Options in Tools menu.

More informations

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