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     DVD To MP4 for Mac is a Mac DVD to iPod software can rip DVD to iPod video MP4 to put your favorite DVD on Video iPod.

    Price: $ 24.95 USD    Size: 10.00 MB


  • Eztoo DVD to MP4 converter for Mac is a very powerful and easy to use DVD to MP4 converter. It is an excellent program which can help MAC OS users to rip DVD to MP4 video and convert DVD audio to MP4 audio rapidly. This powerful DVD to MP4 Converter even features high output quality, so you can enjoy your favorite DVD movies on iPod now.
  • DVD to MP4 Converter for Mac designed specially for Mac users, This powerful DVD to MP4 Converter/change Mac lets you select DVD subtitle and audio track, select DVD chapters/titles you want to convert, trim each chapter/title, and even merge all the chapters/titles into one file.
  • Eztoo DVD To MP4 Converter for Mac is awesome software for MAC OS. It provides fast access to high-qualified, easily handled DVD to MP4 convertion, convert DVD to MPEG-4,MP4, MP4-H.264 video formats, which are extensively supported by most portable media players (MP4 player) such as video iPod, iPod touch, Apple TV, Zune, Archos AV500/AV700/Gmini402, iRiver PMP-100, Creative Zen Vision, etc.


Key functions

1.Support Power PC and Intel Processors
A powerful and professional Mac DVD To MP4 that comes with both Power PC and Intel processors.
2.Support MP4 (BlackBerry MPEG-4, Zune MPEG-4, ACV Video/Audio format);
3.Excellent video/sound quality;
4.Super fast conversion speed provided;
5.Batch conversion supported.
Output Video for Mobile Devices:
iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, Zune, PDA/Pocket PC (including BlackBerry), Creative Zen, Archos, Epson media players, any cellphone.

System Requirements

Eztoo DVD To MP4 Converter for Mac User Guide

1. Open Eztoo DVD To MP4 Converter For MAC program.
2. Put the DVD you want to rip into the computer. Click "DVD" button to add video files.
3. Click "convert" button, then wait a moment you'll get the new format video or audio files.
1. I want to change the size of the generating video file
Open Eztoo DVD To MP4 Converter For MAC Click "Profiles" DropDownList , select target format you want to ripper, drag ProgressBar to change the value of "Video Bitrate", Bigger the value, bigger the file, the higher definition it becomes, On the other hand, the lower definition, the smaller file it genertes

2. I want to change the screensize of the generating video file
Click "Profiles" DropDownList of Eztoo DVD To MP4 Converter For MAC, select "Custom MP4 Format"; select DropDownList "Width * Height:", select "Custom Width * Height", in the spring window, Input wide value, then the symbol *, then input the high value. last Chick "Accept" button.

3.I want to change the format of the generating video file
Click "Profiles" DropDownListof Eztoo DVD To MP4 Converter For MAC, you can select output MP4format, or MP3, AAC format, then add the video file you need converting.

4. How I get a open-end version.
Click "HELP", select "Buy Now", after buying, you'll recieve a E-mail with Registion information, Click "HELP" again, select "REGISTER", copy the Register Name and Register Code to the correct editing frame. Then click "REGISTER" button.
5. Supported formats.
Input format:
Output Formats:
MP4-MPEG-4 Video(.mp4)
Comperession standard for network broadcast and video communication, with small size and high quality;
MP4-MPEG-4 AVC Video(.mp4)
Use h264 codec, The expansion of MPEG-4 Video format, with high comperssion rate.

More information

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