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Before you contact us, review our FAQs to find answers to the most common customer service questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why I get a black window when I record videos from media players such as Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, RealOne Player, etc?

Currently, To record video, you should disable the hardware acceleration. To disable graphics hardware acceleration globally for all applications, select Control Panel -> Display -> Properties -> Settings -> Advanced -> Troubleshooting, slide the Hardware Acceleration slider to None. After recording, you should restore it.

2. Why I get no sound on my recording when I record from the speakers?

Choose "configure audio line for audio recording" button on the toolbar to select "Stereo Mix", "Mono Mix", "WAV", or something similar from input dropdown list.

3. When I record screen, the computer becomes very slow. How can I record screen fast enough?

Capturing full screen and compressing it are time-intensive operations. If you needn't record activities in FULL screen, we suggest you record window or region you need record. That may be faster than recording full screen.

4. Does Capturelib Screen Recorder support Hot Key?

Yes. You can choose your favorite hot key in "configure hot keys" dialog.

5. What is folder shortcut?

Folder shortcuts are used to organize screen recordings in separate folders. Every folder shortcut is mapped to a folder on your PC. When Capturelib Screen Recorder runs for the first time, a new folder with the name "My Captured Videos" is a subfolder under "My Documents" of your PC. This folder is displayed in the folder shortcut list.

6. I want to record voice from microphone. How to do?

Choose "configure audio line for audio recording" button on the toolbar to select microphone input line.

7. What is Temporary File Folder?

Temporary File Folder is a folder in which Capturelib Screen Recorder save temporary files during recording screen. You needn't specify it because Capturelib Screen Record will delete these files after record completed.

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