6th generation iPod nano internals revealed

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  • Editor Reviews: Apple's latest iPod Nano shrinks in size, weight and price, featuring multi-touch controls and the removal of the click wheel.

What is inside 6th generation iPod nano?

iFixit completed the teardown series of the new iPod devices (iPod shuffle, iPod touch), with the teardown of iPod nano. The iPod nano’s case design is very similar to iPod Shuffle. “The new Nano is more like a Shuffle with a screen than a Nano with multi-touch,” iFixit said. The front glass on the 6th generation Nano sticks up about .3 mm from the flat face of the outer case. When opening the device a tiny logic board is revealed with the battery sharing the space 50/50. The 3.7 V lithium-ion battery has a listed capacity of .39 Watt-hours that provides up to 24 hours of continuous music playback. It is soldered to the logic board and has a capacity of 105 mAh, compared to the Shuffle’s 51 mAh. Like its 5th generation predecessor, the new Nano utilizes the headphones as the FM radio antenna.

Here are the Goods and Bads from iFixit: – Good: The ribbon cable connectors make it easy to disconnect the display and headphone jack from the logic board. - Good: Once the display is removed, the rest of the disassembly is relatively straightforward. - Bad: Removing the display is very difficult without using a heat gun. - Bad: The battery is soldered to the logic board, making replacement more cumbersome than necessary.

This iPod Nano’s battery only has two wires, one red and one black. All the other iPod Nanos we’ve taken apart have included three battery wires. That third battery wire typically ties into a thermistor, a resistor whose value changes with temperature (a poor man’s thermometer). Presumably the iPod Nano’s battery is small enough and the charge rate is slow enough that overheating is not a concern.

The 1.54″, 240 x 240 pixel LCD screen is equipped with multi-touch, although how anyone is supposed to comfortably fit more than one finger on the display is a mystery.

The Nano has a 220 pixels-per-inch (PPI) screen, the highest pixel density on an Apple device aside from the iPhone 4 / iPod Touch 4th Gen. That’s almost double the iPad’s paltry 132 PPI density!

Pure speculation: The front glass on the Nano sticks up about .3 mm from the outer case. Why, you ask? Presumably due to the thickness of the headphone jack. Apple wanted to keep the device as thin as possible, and the curvature of the edges would have forced the case to be thicker for a completely flush glass panel. A thicker case was ditched in favor of the glass sticking out slightly.

Like its cousins — the iPhone 4 and the new iPod Touch — the touchscreen, LCD, and front glass are inseparable.

The Nano’s battery has a capacity of 105 mAh, compared to the Shuffle’s 51 mAh. We assume the Nano uses the extra juice to power its display (which the Shuffle lacks).

The headphone jack, volume buttons, and sleep/wake button are all found on the same ribbon cable that snakes around the inner perimeter of the Nano. Very efficient!

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