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  • 4Videosoft DVD to MPEG Converter is one remarkable DVD to MPEG Ripper software, which means you are easy to convert DVD to MPEG format by using it.
  • You also can remove the DVD protection into unprotected DVD VOB format.
  • Moreover, this DVD to MPEG Converter supplies the function to convert DVD to AVI, then you are free to put them on the AVI players.
  • 4Videosoft DVD to MPEG Converter is also possessed of strong editing ability to improve the output video effect. So you can use it to rip any segment of DVD to MPEG file you want, customize the video play region, change or remove DVD subtitle to output video file, get charming pictures from DVD, set video effect and so forth.
  • Free download the trial version under conditions of limited in functionality and its size is 6.31 MB.
  • To get the full version, click "BuyNow" to make a secured online purchase! It costs $29.95.Now it is 20% OFF, $23.96 USD now!



Key Functions

  • Convert DVD to MPEG, VOB, AVI
  • Extract audio from DVD to MP3, WAV
  • Possess powerful editing function to improve video effect

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS : Microsoft Windows XP
  • RAM : 128M
  • CPU : Intel/AMD compatible at 750 MHz or above

Recommended System Requirements

  • OS : Microsoft Windows XP/2000/Vista with all latest updates installed
  • RAM : 512M or higher
  • CPU : Intel/AMD compatible at 750 MHz or above

4Videosoft DVD to MPEG Converter User Guide

Load DVD:
There are two methods for you to load DVD:

Method 1. Click "Load DVD" icon to load DVD or DVD files.

Method 2. Click "File" to open the drop-down menu, then select "Load DVD", "Load DVD Folder" or "Load IFO File".
image:4Videosoft DVD to MPEG Converter01.jpg

  • The four buttons under the file list are as follows:

1. Clear all: Click to remove all the added files from the program.
2. Rename: Rename the destination file name of the selected file.
3. Chapter/Title: Click to open or hide the chapter.
4. Properties: Click to see the specific information of video and audio.

Preview movie:

  • After importing the video files, you can preview the video in the preview window on the right of the main interface. It also works as a common player.

image:4Videosoft DVD to MPEG Converter02.jpg

  • It allows you to capture pictures when you preview:
  • Click "Snapshot" icon, the current picture in the preview window will be captured and saved in the specified folder in the image type as you have set.
  • Click "Open Folder" icon, to open the snapshot folder to view the captured pictures.

Editing files:

  • Output Settings:

After you select the titles or chapters you want to rip, you can set the output settings in this area.
1. Audio Track: Select audio track for your selected file (either a title or a chapter).
2. Subtitle: Select subtitle for your selected file (either a title or a chapter).
image:4Videosoft DVD to MPEG Converter03.jpg
3. Profile: Select the output format for your movie. Learn more supported output format here.
4. Destination: Click "Browse" button to specify a location on your computer to save the converted movie. If you want to open the output folder, you can just click "Open Folder" button.
5. Settings: Click "Settings" button to open the Settings window.

image:4Videosoft DVD to MPEG Converter04.jpg

    • Set video encoding settings by setting Encoder, Frame Rate, Resolution and Bitrate.
    • Set audio encoding settings by setting Encoder, Channels, Bitrate and Sample Rate.

Tip 1: For Resolution setting, you can choose the pre-set Resolution from the right drop-down list. You can also directly input your own resolution as the form of "XXX*XXX".
Tip 2: You can customize the video and audio encoding settings and save them as your own profile. After you have chosen the encoding options, just click the Save as... button and name your profile, and then the profile will be saved in the User Defined list. You can use the customized profile next time by selecting it from the list.

Note: When you choose the specific settings, the lower window will show the "Help" to explain the meanings of each setting.

Click "Preference" icon to open the Preferences window:

General: Select Output, After Ripping Done, CPU Usage.
image:4Videosoft DVD to MPEG Converter05.jpg
DVD: Set DVD drive and DeCSS.
image:4Videosoft DVD to MPEG Converter06.jpg

Option: Select Language, Skin.
image:4Videosoft DVD to MPEG Converter07.jpg

Converting Files:
After finishing all the necessary settings and editing, you can click "START" button to start ripping your DVD.
image:4Videosoft DVD to MPEG Converter08.jpg

  • Show Preview: Check to preview the converted video effect during the conversion.
  • Shut down computer when conversion completed: If you check this option, this program will automatically shut down your computer after the conversion is finished, so you do not need to wait around your computer.
  • Open output folder when conversion completed: If you check this option, when the conversion is finished, the output folder will be opened automatically.

More informations

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